Monday – A Car For The Purist


I remember the first time I drove a Caterham 7 – it was during a motoring journalist test day and I won a set of tyres for being the fastest hack around the handling track. The 7 blew me away. It was like being in a four-wheel motorbike, brilliant on the corners, raucous and outrageously good fun.

How many cars do you know that which take back to the basics? You could probably count them on one hand because safety laws, economy and ‘sensible’ design means modern cars aren’t designed for the purist.

The GT86 doesn’t have a turbocharged engine, it’s rear-wheel drive and it would be thrashed from the traffic lights by a Golf GTI. Yet, the Golf has so much electronic wizardry keeping it on the road that it can leave you rather cold. It also costs more than the GT86.

So the Toyota is a car you really can’t afford to miss if you like enthusiastic driving. It will reward you by the bucketload and at £25,000, is an absolute steal…

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