Tuesday – The Holden Land Rover


Rob Holloway wouldn’t sell his house overlooking Franklin Sound for any money. He built it with his own hands and then surrounded it with all creatures great and small in the paddocks. He wouldn’t give up the keys to his prized Land Rover Series III either.

Holloway is a fourth generation settler on Flinders Island – a tiny lump of land in the Bass Strait, between mainland Australia and Tasmania. While he has every type of ‘man tool’ going – three chainsaws, a homemade 30ft metal rib and assorted shotguns among them – the Land Rover is his pride and joy.

Born in 1973, the short wheelbase has been crashing around the island for years, currently with a Holden six-cylinder engine. The extra power means he often shears a drive shaft or two in the process.

Key features include a bench vice bolted to the front bumper, and every telephone number on the island scribbled on the inside of the roof. What else is a roof there for anyway?

The Holden engine is a beast. It’s not pretty but it’s the only one you need for chasing wild pig across the beach…

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