VW Scirocco GTS – A Zebra In Any Other Language


Yes, it’s still the fancy paintwork that is proving the main topic of conversation with the GTS. Now know as ‘Two Stripes’, the top spec Scirocco has whizzed us down to Cornwall for the weekend and a trip to a show jumping competition.

The GTS looks totally out of place, parked among the Land Rovers and horse lorries – we have obviously been branded as ‘Londoners’ because the locals are looking down their noses at the bling thing crawling over the field. Oh dear.

Slightly more disturbing for me was the fuel consumption on the journey down here, averaging just 32.3mpg at a steady motorway speed, with no rapid acceleration. After a string of diesel cars returning 40+mpg, it reminds me why, even the best petrol engines lag so far behind derv these days.

Which may explain why I almost ran out of petrol too. It got to the point where the on board computer registered zero miles left in the tank. Perhaps we should have gone for the TDI model instead…

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