VW Scirocco – Inside Out


If the paintwork on our GTS leaves you cold then the interior is pure, refined and functional. Classic Volkswagen, in fact.

Just look at the picture above – this could be any top spec car from the VW range. Every button, dial and switch is at your fingertip. Jump in for the first time and it feels like you are have been driving the Scirocco for years.

Even the sat nav is simple to use and connecting a phone via Bluetooth is also straightforward. It’s even possible to get the perfect driving position with the help of electric seat adjustment and adjustable steering column.

Faults? Rear visibility is poor through the tiny rear screen and our GTS has a panoramic sunroof, which opens about an inch and seems rather pointless. We put a couple of adults in the back over the weekend and they were comfortable enough, but anybody over 6ft might be struggling.


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