Nissan 370Z Nizmo – Easter Funny


More tasty than a hot cross bun with lashings of butter… Yes, the 370Z is just the sort of coupe that makes you long for a sunny, dry weekend to engage with a British country road.

If you want light steering, easy to park and good visibility, then try a Golf GTI and blend in the with crowd. The Nissan is an absolute monster of a car but it has one extra missing from most hot hatchbacks – it’s fantastically great fun and will put a smile on your face. Guaranteed.

I can even forgive it the crazy rear spoiler, which I’ve decided is a lot prettier than it appears on first sight. It’s big, large enough to take a suitcase strapped to the top, but you have to be a big, bold character to own a car like this is the first place.

Of course, all this fun has a price and I’m watching it happen in front of me. The fuel gauge is dropping at an alarming rate. Like 22mpg, ouch.

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