Nissan 370Z Nismo – Fast & Furious


Nismo is the motorsport and performance arm of Nissan. Not as well known as BMW M Sport, or the performance arms of other European manufacturers, Nismo has still competed in Le Mans, Daytona and the GT Championship.

When the 370Z Nismo model was launched last year, Nissan insisted the car was not a full-blown Nismo variant, more of a makeover. All I can say is, when are they planning the real Nismo 370Z because this one is outstanding.

While the 370Z has always been a heavy car, tweaking the 3.7-litre V6 to 340bhp adds the extra performance the Nissan needs to border on super car potential.

Some have called the engine harsh but I disagree – think of it as more of a sophisticated muscle car and you won’t be disappointed.I love driving this Nissan, even at humdrum speeds it feels superbly balanced and sharp.

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