Nissan 370Z Nismo – Interior Design


There are several reasons why the 370Z feels amazing to drive and one of them is the cabin. The dashboard lay-out is a cool combination of retro and modern that makes BMW and Audi appeared rather dull by comparison.

The seats are low slung, with part electric adjustment, the six-speed manual gearstick falls easily to hand, while the steering wheel material is tactile and easy to grip.

The transmission tunnel, transferring all that power from the engine to the back wheels, is large but it also makes the perfect arm rest, with a roomy cubbyhole and single cupholder.

My only real issue is that the Nismo is strictly a two-seater – there is no space in the back at all for passengers. The luggage area is respectable but the rear screen lies very low and prevents any large objects being stowed.

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