Nissan 370Z Nismo – An Easter Egg Of A Sportscar


It’s difficult to find a petrol station open on Easter Sunday – so driving the Nismo requires a little extra care. I’m managing 23mpg, even though I’m trundling about like a octogenarian. Apologies to any such readers out there…

On the upside, that 3.7-litre engine is just explosively fast. I’ve read reviews claiming it’s course and outdated but in a age of silky smooth, turbocharged units, the Nissan is refreshingly engaging. So, if you want BMW/Audi ease of use, go elsewhere.

We’ve had a week of dry weather but today the heavens have opened and I imagine the 370Z is going to be quite a handful, with 340bhp going through the back wheels.

Still, with 19-inch alloys as standard and razor-sharp handling, what else could you need to enjoy your eggs this Sunday?

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