Bentley Continental V8 GTC – Sounds Like Two Lesbians In A Bucket



The engines powering the Continental were developed by Audi and power some of their fastest cars. The 6.0-litre W12 might sound like a better unit than the 4.0-litre in our GTC but don’t be fooled – this V8 will be more than enough for most people.

It’s certainly more than enough for me. This morning I sent the pheasants scattering from the field by my house, as the Continental roared into life. It has to have the coolest set of twin exhaust pipes fitted to any car.

Not only that, the grumble is low, resonant and almost threatening. As AA Gill once wrote about a TVR, the pipes sound like ‘two lesbians moaning in a bucket’!

It’s a big car but steering the Bentley down a country road is an absolute joy. The GTC is nimble despite the size, like Mike Tyson in a ballet dress. Only much prettier.

You can push the convertible along at a great rate of knots without even realising the speed, despite the car weighing 2300kg, the body doesn’t roll and the brakes stop it on with rapid ease.

It’s all wonderful but oh, the sound of those exhaust pipes…


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