Audi TT Roadster – Budget Open Top


You can buy a diesel TT Roadster and pay more for a litre of fuel – or enjoy a few mpg less in this 1.8 TFSI petrol version. There was a time when it was a straight choice between fuel economy or performance – cars like this blur the lines and make the choice a tough one.

The current Audi TT was launched way back in 2007. A new version is due soon but it’s a testament to the style of design of the car that both the Roadster and Coupe still look exceptionally smart cars.

New on the driveway today, the 1.8 Roadster is eye-catching indeed. And as I’m off on a long journey to Lincolnshire later, I’m excited at the prospect of 120 miles of A-road to enjoy it on.

This may be the slowest car in the TT range but a quick drive to the station this morning has really whet my appetite. More tomorrow when I will have nudged the fuel gauge significantly…

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