Maserati Ghibli – Definitely Not German


We said arrivederci to the Ghibli today – and then immediately wondered if driving a German executive saloon would ever feel the same again.

Every motoring writer will tell you how wonderful the BMW 5 Series is as an all-rounder. Others will coo over the biturbo Audi A6, or melt over a Mercedes E Class.

But in some ways that simply isn’t the point here. The Maserati isn’t a better car than any of the others but for people who want to slip out of the driveway of mainstream, it’s something of a gem.

The Ghibli looks different, sounds fantastic and feels wonderfully Italian inside – including annoying off-set pedals, and a black roof lining that’s so oppressive it feels like you are squashed in a coffin.

The boot has a lid that sounds as tinny as a TATA when you slam it, the navigation screen catches reflections in bright sunlight and diesel fuel economy is average at best.

Yet for all this, you have to love the Maserati. Your accountant will hate it of course but I promise, it will set your pulse racing every time you sit in it.

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