MG3 3Style – On The Cheap


The MG6 was this year’s most disappointing car, so far. Low price is only a strong selling point if the product is competent and enjoyable – it wasn’t. So, how will the smaller MG3 city car fair?

It’s certainly cheap to buy and insure, although this is tempered by the fact that the fuel economy is average at best – and it won’t hold its value like a VW Polo, or a Fiat 500 for that matter.

There’s also plenty of room inside for four adults and they are protected by six airbags, stability control and even a tyre pressure monitoring system. Sounds promising.

After the MG6, I can’t help but feel the 3 is going to be a big letdown. If I could just look at it and not drive it, that might be the answer! Today I have to motor 180 miles across country to Norfolk in a heatwave. Find out how I get on tomorrow…

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