Range Rover Sport – Robert Redford In The Back of My Range Rover…


It’s August 1, it’s the first day of the holiday in Cornwall and it’s absolutely lashing down! Camping in the middle of a rain-soaked field was never meant to be like this. It’s water off a duck’s back to the Range Rover, of course. I’m already looking at the possibilities of sleeping in the car tonight.

The Autobiography has just about every piece of luxury kit available but the rear-screen DVD system is going to come into it’s own later. We’re planning a back seat screening of the Robert Redford sailing movie, All Is Lost – which seems appropriate, considering the circumstances.

Dog in the boot, £5,000 of top flight speakers and heated seats to enjoy. It costs £25 to take two people to the movies these days – I reckon that after three years, the Range Rover DVD system might have paid for itself.

Right, I’m off for a spot of sea-kayaking, followed by a light crab summer. It’s Cornwall, it always rains…

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