Range Rover Sport – The School Run Favourite For Posh Mums…



Sandwiched between the full-size Range Rover and the ‘squashed’ Evoque is the favourite school run SUV for posh mums – the Sport.

And having only driven 12 miles to Kemble railway station and back, I can tell you already that this latest Sport is one of the most complete cars I have ever driven, as well as being definite yummy mummy material.

Not only is it supremely comfortable, beautifully built and easy on the eye, it drives like a GTI and still returns exceptional MPG. Perfect.

You are paying premium money for the Range Rover Sport but as an all-rounder, it simple blows away anything offered by Mercedes or BMW. Just what you need for dropping the little ones off at St Trinians…

More tomorrow after I’ve driven down to Cornwall…



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