Jaguar XFR – Oddly Slow For A Super Saloon?


There are cars that shout about their performance and those that don’t. If you are not the sort of guy to walk around with your flies down on purpose, the XFR could be for you.

You see, unlike the Audi RS6 and the over-rated Mercedes E63, there’s not that much about the Jaguar XFR that suggests it has a monster of an engine under the bonnet. A direct injection, supercharged 5.0-litre V8 is always going to be quick, except in the XFR, it only reveals its true colour when you ask it to.

How refreshing. Here is a high performance car that is subtle and understated. In fact, you could steer the XFR around town without raising an eyebrow. The burble from the 503bhp V8 occasionally seeps out but otherwise, nobody is going to know that you are driving one of the best saloons on the road.

The Jaguar is a car that you could lend to your aged grandma to drive and she wouldn’t have a clue as to the performance. However, if she stomps her foot on the accelerator by accident, she will unleash a massive amount of torque that will catapult the XFR past anything at a huge rate of knots.

You have been warned…


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