Jaguar XFR – The Right Car For A Windy Driving Day


On a windy day like today, you want to be driving a car shaped like a stealth missile. Can I recommend the XFR then?

Last week we tested the Range Rover Sport and, as wonderful as it was, like all Range Rovers it still has the aerodynamics of a very expensive brick. Drive it at high speed in a crosswind and you will feel the earth move.

The XFR, on the other hand, feels as tight on the road as a Scalextric car. The ‘R’ has been tweaked to create extra downforce too, so even when you push it hard, it sits beautifully on the road.

The only wind you will feel on the inside is from the four air vents on the dashboard, which have covers that open automatically when you turn the key in the ignition.

It’s like something from Star Trek and very, very cool.

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