Citroen Cactus – Are Airbumps The Future For Urban Driving?


They’re called Airbumps and it’s what marks the Cactus out from all the rest. Tough, polyurethane panels filled with air that give the quirky Cactus its ‘unique selling point’.

They’re not meant to protect your paintwork in a proper shunt but rather see off the dents and dings that happen during everyday, mostly urban driving. And let’s face it, in Citoren’s homeland, the French are buggers for bashing your bodywork.

You can choose four different colours for the bumps – and if they get scruffy over the years, you can replace the door panels with nice new ones for £150.

I’m not sure we’ll see Airbumps appearing on other cars but you have to applaud Citroen for such a novel idea. In the spirit of the 2CV and DS, this is a car that dares to be different…


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