Citroen Cactus – The Strangest Little Car That You’ve Not Driven Yet


Driving the Cactus is quite a bizarre experience. You forget the Citroen looks so oddball from the outside and that it turns heads wherever you take it.

I have to say, most people I’ve asked think it looks ‘awkward’ at best but I am warming to the futuristic design. There are lots of clever touches, like washer jets incorporated in the wiper arms (presumably to further reduce drag) and those daytime running lights situated high up the bonnet.

If the Cactus was bigger – and I’m thinking proper SUV-size here! – it would rival the Porsche Cayenne for road presence. But when you see the Citroen  in the metal, it’s very small indeed (like Mini size).

One feature I don’t like is the acceleration from a standing start at a junction. As you pull out, there’s something of a dead-spot on the accelerator, which is seriously disconcerting. That’s probably not a problem with the petrol models but has given me a few anxious moments….


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