Rolls-Royce Wraith – Heavyweight Wooden Doors Are A Matter Of Personal Taste


Look, it’s all a matter of personal taste but a straw poll of six Wraith watchers today confirmed the bonkers Bent-Wood door-panel trim on the Rolls ain’t quite as appealing as it sounds.

Comments range from ‘a bit Ikea’ to ‘like something the Flintstones would drive’. Fair, the Wraith is a beautifully sleek 2+2 but the grain-matched trim on both front doors rather detracts from the stylish dashboard in all it’s leather luxuriousness.

And then there are the doors themselves. It’s fun letting people try and open them because they can’t find the handle. That’s because they are rear-hinged. Cool? Once the initial novelty factor has worn off, it’s a tad tiresome.

The doors are also incredibly heavy – possibly the wood? Anyway, to get around this, Rolls have fitted buttons which electronically close both doors and the boot lid.

Is it just me or is this all just a little gimmicky? We’ll look at some other unusual features tomorrow…

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