Rolls-Royce Wraith – Like A Waitrose Delivery, Only Bigger…


I must admit to a little curtain twitching this morning. I woke early to walk the hound, breakfasted on porridge and then sat anxiously waiting for the sight of a large British motor car pulling up the lane.

The Wraith then snuck into the driveway aboard a large but inconspicuous lorry. A load of farm machinery, a delivery of wood? No, it’s a Rolls-Royce.

I tried to imagine what it would actually be like waiting for delivery of one’s own Roller. I suppose if you can afford £230k then it’s probably like signing for a very large delivery from Waitrose. Except Rolls generally get the product being delivered correct.

And now I’m sat in it. Cossetted in leather, wood and the smell of richness. I’m off to London to meet the Queen. Well, OK, a business colleague but it’s going to be interesting. I know the Wraith will be the last word in luxury but how will other motorists react? That’s what intrigues me most…

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