Nissan GT-R – 12mpg On A Good Day. It’s Going To Be An Expensive Week


Tucked away in the small print, at the end of the GT-R press pack, are the official fuel consumption figures. Of course, you can take them with a pinch of salt because NOBODY can ever get anywhere near what a manufacturer claims is possible (Ford being the worst offender).

Urban 16.6, extra urban 32.1 and combined 23.9mpg. I usually slice 5mpg off combined to get something akin to real world driving, except the temptation to floor the accelerator in the Nissan will no doubt reduce that dramatically.

So when the vermillion red GT-R was delivered this morning, I was a bit shocked to read the on-board computer claiming 12mpg! Yikes, this is going to be an expensive week – especially as I’m heading down to Goodwood later for a BMW event.

According to the press pack, the official 0-60mph is 2.84 seconds, although again, just how I’m going to measure than on my wristwatch will be something of a challenge.

The GT-R is a monster, however you look at it. I hate the colour, so that doesn’t help. More late tomorrow when I’m emptied the tank. Twice.



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