Aston Martin DB9 Carbon Edition – On Test From Tomorrow


You might think that after a week with a Japanese supercar of epic proportions it might have tempered my desire for a British car. Not a bit of it. I wear a worn out Belstaff jacket that dates from the 1960s, love classic British motorcycles and drive a 1972 Land Rover.

The point is that despite living in France, Ireland and Australia, I’ve never been able to shake off my British roots. I tried hard at one point but now I love it here and our great British design icons too.

Top of the automotive pile are Aston Martin, Jaguar and Range Rover. If you want the whole package – style, heritage, quality and performance, these are the motors that do it to me.

The DB9 Carbon Edition arrives tomorrow and with frost on the ground this morning it already feels like Christmas Eve. Excited? Yes, who wouldn’t be. The only thing I don’t know right now is whether it will be Carbon Black, or white…

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