Nissan GT-R – Vulgar, Ugly And Fantastically Fast Fun!


The motoring world is divided between those who have driven a Nissan GT-R and those who haven’t. My last ride in an equivalent  Nissan was in the old Skyline – a fearsomely quick supercar that was more bling than a rapper’s jewellery drawer.

In lots of ways, the GT-R is just a grown up version of that legendary Skyline. It boxes well above its weight but still has the visual appeal of a rusty Mondeo. In dark blue.

Whether anybody with £78,000 to spend on a car would choose the GT-R ahead of a Porsche 911, or even a secondhand Aston Martin, is debatable. I do know there are people out there who wear gold ID bracelets and insist on owning a personalised number plate.

On a racetrack the GT-R is quite simply, the best. However, if you have an ounce of aesthetic sensibility in your body, this is not the car to be seen in on the High Street.



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