Aston Martin DB9 Carbon Edition – Brake Fade Spoils The Fun In Bond Supercar…



Let me tell you – it doesn’t matter whether I’m driving a Rolls-Royce or a Ferrari there is always a niggle to be found.

I love Aston Martins but guess what? Even this special edition Carbon is slightly flawed. And it’s an issue you would probably never discover until you had paid £140k and bought the car.


Brake fade.

Our test car has under 13,000 miles on the clock but screaming in towards a roundabout yesterday I was alarmed at the lack of response from the 400mm diameter carbon ceramic discs.

Just to be sure it wasn’t my imagination, I tried braking in a straight line and found the problem just as bad. Compared to the Nissan GT-R we tested last week, the Aston’s stopping power was almost embarrassing.

Now, it might be that our DB9 was in need of a new set of discs but somehow I doubt it – every press car is checked over before it is sent out each week.

At least now we know now why Bond is always wrecking Astons – and never chased by a Nissan GT-R…




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