Aston Martin DB9 Carbon – Exhaust Note Rattle To Make Your Toes Curl…


I’m not sure there’s a more beautiful noise than a DB9 accelerating in ‘sport’ mode. Unlike some other supercars, it only roars when required and the rattle from the exhaust pipes will make your toes curl.

The surge in performance in sport is noticeable. The revs pick up and the Aston suddenly becomes alive. Very handy for overtaking too.

Unlike the more compact Porsche 911, the DB9 doesn’t feel as stable on the road, especially when cornering. Blip the throttle too soon on a roundabout and that tail end will wobble.

It’s easily rectified of course, but I know I could blat around a bend faster in a Porsche, or the Nissan GT-R of course. Fortunately, the Aston Martin isn’t just about speed. It’s a thing of true beauty…


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