Mazda3 – A Sleeper Hit That Grows On You With Time…


The more I drive the Mazda3 the more I like it. It’s a ‘sleeper hit’ – a car that looks ordinary but slowly grows on you, with every bend it encourages you to enjoy it more.

As well as undercutting most rivals on price, the 3 is one of the best to drive. It sits well on the road and encourages the driver to press on. It’s comfortable, roomy and eager to please.

And I’m enjoying the styling more too. I may have been a little harsh with the ‘clown’s shoe’ remark – it looks purposeful whichever way you look at it.

The 3 is also packed with equipment. Yes, our test car is top spec but the list of kit includes ‘bendy’ headlights that self dip, heated leather seats, a stonking stereo and keyless ignition. Not sure I like all the beeping when you walk away from the car but hey-ho…

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