The last Land Rover Defenders are noisy and unrefined but still make me sigh

current Land Rover

Last day with the Defender and mixed emotions. Sad that this is pobably the last time I will drive a ‘new’ model of the old kind – happy to look forward to a new Audi A6 Avant in the morning!

However much kit to attach to a Defender it is still a basic Land Rover underneath. No different to what you see on farms and towing trailers to the market.

Buying a Land is an emotional choice for many people – something I totally understand having one myself. But really and truly this is NOT a car for everyday use in the new millennium.

The bling of the Black Pack and features like heated seats and a thumping stereo just can’t hide a serious lack of refinement. It will annoy the hell out of most 4×4 drivers but will has a special place in my heart because it is, first and foremost, a Land Rover.


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