Audi’s A6 Avant Ultra is seriously big – but a rival for the BMW 5 Series Touring?


The first thing you realise about the latest A6 Avant is that it’s big – very BIG. There’s plenty of room for five adults and you have slightly more space than the 5 Series in the boot too.

The Ultra model is designed for maximum efficiency (nobody predicted fuel prices would fall in 2014!), with a super sleek design that almost glues the A6 to the road and improves aerodynamics.

The lights, front grille and noticeably the exhausts are all re-shaped – inside the glass now deadens out more noise and the trim quality is higher than ever.

The S Line we have on test looks great. If you have to buy an estate then this car needs to be on your shortlist. What’s it like to drive? Come back tomorrow…

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