So what won’t charge your batteries about the brilliant Tesla Model S?


There’s been so much written about the Tesla’s battery technology that you might wonder how the Model S fares as a car?

I think I’m in ‘like’ with the styling, although it can look Mondeo-ish from certain angles. The interior is so clean and uncluttered it almost redefines cabin design.

So, what doesn’t work? Well, being American, it’s loaded with alerts and warning sounds. The most frustrating is the rear-seat safety belt alarm. A good idea – unless you are carrying a load of heavy boxes that sets it off over every bump.

I can’t get the DAB radio to conduct a search for BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra, or any other channel for that matter. It must be possible but it should be intuitive and not a slog through page after page on car’s on-screen manual.

And although the aluminium panels made theModel S lightweight and more economical, aluminium is thin and liable to dent easily. This is especially true when you push down on the bonnet boot-lid. Shove down too hard on the metal and you will leave a hand-shaped dent in the metal…



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