A minor, Clarkson-sized ‘fracas’ with the rear door of a Toyota Land Cruiser


I’m not sure what the BBC’s definition of a ‘fracas’ is with J Clarkson but I certainly spouted some frustration trying to open the rear of the Land Cruiser today.

Nobody had failed to deliver me a hot steak, messed up my hair or even punched me on the nose – I simply couldn’t find a way to release my hound Malin from the enormous boot.

My fracas almost ended with me reaching for the manual, something we never do at Car Couture. Instead, we believe everything on a car should be well-designed and intuitive.

The handle for opening the side-hinged boot is actually in the recess next to the rear number plate. Ingenious but bloody impossible to find.

Just like those hidden rear-door handles on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, it’s a little trick you can play on any unsuspecting passenger – ‘find the door handle’.

At least when it is open, the boot space is huge. And you can access the space by opening the rear screen and dropping items in.

Let’s just not have a fracas every time we borrow a Toyota Land Cruiser, OK?

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