If the Toyota Land Cruiser is good enough for the UN it might fit your mud-plugging lifestyle too


If the Land Cruiser made a name for itself in one walk of life it would be painted white, trundling across dangerous terrain for the United Nations. The very fact the UN chose the Toyota over a Land Rover says it all about the capability of this rugged workhorse.

We’re blessed with plenty of tarmac in the UK  which means that for most of us there is little opportunity to use the Land Cruiser for what it was originally built for.

Our top spec Invincible model wouldn’t be the best option for serious mud-plugging because it is so expensive to buy. Which is why people who need a genuine off-roader with legendary ability and reliability should look at the entry level Land Cruiser.

It may not have the heated leather seats and media system but I promise you it will take you wherever you want to go…

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