The best SUV not to be built in Germany? Join us for a ride in the Mazda CX-5


There’s never been a Japanese compact SUV to rival those made in Germany, until now. That’s right, the CX-5 is THE best SUV not to be built in Europe.

Why? Well, after only a day behind the wheel I can tell you that you won’t find a better SUV for the money. Only the Ford Kuga comes close and, well, it’s a Ford isn’t it.

The Mazda’s interior trim is a little lifeless and there’s definitely wind and tyre noise at speed. But otherwise this is a great car and extremely practical.

Key to this is the ride quality. It doesn’t wallow around corners and there is plenty of grip, just like, well, a BMW or Audi.

Is this the car to take on German SUVs at their own game? Join us tomorrow for more scribbles…

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