Somebody stuffed the Citroen DS 4 so we’re riding in a DS 3 instead


Sometimes in this job it’s difficult not to compare the car that’s just been delivered with the vehicle that is on it’s way back to the test compound. So it was yesterday.

The shiny red Audi TT was leaving Car Couture and being replaced with a Citroen DS 3 (it was meant to be a DS 4 but somebody stuffed it on its last outing).

Yes, I’m supposed to be neutral and keep an open mind but I know which car I’d like to drive to Goodwood next week – and it’s not this French hatchback. Or so I thought…

OK, so the TT costs almost twice the price of the Citroen and is a proper sports car. The DS 3 meanwhile has a badge that harks back to the company’s glory days but is otherwise a small family hatchback with ear-rings.

I’m going to try and keep an open-mind I promise. It’s comfortable, spacious and much cheaper than a Mini too. There, I’m back to normal now…

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