The Citroen DS 3 is a car for fashionistas to drool over. It just doesn’t drive that good…


I think I’ve sussed the DS 3 already. While it bows to the trend for fashionista’s to personalise their car with a zillion different options and styles, it doesn’t have the drivability of the best superminis.

Shame really because I’ve already developed something of a soft spot for the bling white thing park outside. It looks great both inside and out.

But while alloy wheels and purposeful looks scream performance, the Citroen’s handling and steering just don’t live up to that promise.

I know there are faster, more ‘sport orientated’ DS 3s out there but the basic underpinnings of the range are all the same.

Our diesel makes a lot of noise when you push it hard. That combined with general road noise in the cabin make the interior uncomfortable at times.

Still, compared to a Mini or BMW 1 Series, it does represent great value for money…

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