Citroen’s DS 3 waves two fingers at the retro look – instead opting for modern, urban chic


It’s hard not to like the DS 3. While other manufacturers follow the retro route for their urban runabouts, Citroen has instead opted for chic, modern appeal.

The latest Mini has been ruined by the designer’s pen, recently morphed into an overweight city car. The Fiat 500 has sporned numerous bastard offspring that should never have seen the light of day. But the DS 3, well, it looks the prettiest of the three.

I’m not sure the five-speed gearbox in our diesel DS is the best choice and both rear seat legroom and boot space is only average. However, it’s spacious up front, trim materials are mostly good and the equipment list is exceptional.

Enthusiastic drivers will find the 1.6 model lacking but there are plenty of ‘hot’ DS models to tempt you. Overall, a smart little car that lives up to the visual promise.

Tomorrow we take to the road is the Subaru BRZ. Think Mazda MX-5 fun but in a coupe package…

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