The Honda Civic no longer looks like a dumpy vacuum cleaner

2014 Civic

2014 Civic

I suppose I should cough up from the start. I wasn’t a big fan of the latest generation Civic when it first appeared and I’m still not sure now.

The squat front end and bulky backside isn’t a good look for man or car. It looks more like a vacuum cleaner that a practical hatchback.

But in recent years the Civic has been revised. It’s a bit more conservative now and for once, I think that’s done the trick. A styling overhaul earlier this year has really given the car a sense of purpose.

TheSport model may not be the best driving car in its class but the Civic is still a decent all-rounder. Besides, if you want power, go for the Type-R version.

After a just a few miles on my favourite potholed road I can tell you the Civic rides well and in 1.8 guise has decent acceleration too. A lukewarm hot hatch that doesn’t break the bank…


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