The Civic Sport is just a lamb dressed up in wolf’s clothing


I can understand why you might buy the Civic. It isn’t shaped like your average hatchback, this new Sport model we have on test looks moderately cool and, therefore, it marks you out as slightly different.

But I still have a problem with any car labelled ‘Sport’ having no sporting edge whatsoever. It’s as vague on the steering as the standard car and has absolutely no extra poke.

There is a hint of hothatch ‘Type-R’ about it – especially with the sleek body kit that looks great. Sadly, it’s a lamb dressed up as a wolf. Thus to me is as criminal as creating a chunky SUV with only two-wheel drive.

What’s the point?!

If your manly ego needs an extra shot of performance then you’re only kidding yourself buying a Civic Sport. Within a minute of sitting in the cabin, you’ll know you have been rumbled.

Much better buying a lesser model and speccing it up with the money you save. Makes a lot more sense…

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