The Volvo S60 is that little bit different – unless you want to be in the BMW club of course


We test around 50 cars a year and occasionally there are surprises – the Volvo S60 is one of them.

It may not have the cache of a BMW 3 Series, or an Audi A4 but the S60 is a fine car that deserves to be considered.

The overall driving experience falls slightly short of its German rivals but the Volvo more than makes up for that with excellent build quality, a raft of safety equipment and a brilliant cabin.

Seat comfort is exceptional, the latest D4 engine munches up miles using the minimum of diesel, and it’s probably the most dynamic Volvo you can buy – bar the very expensive Polestar versions.

So, our advice is go drive one. You’ll be pleasantly surprised – and have the joy of owning something that little bit different…

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