Motorists might like you more driving a Hyundai Santa Fe than a Porsche Cayenne

1008825_HJ Santa Fe

The first decision you have to make when buying a 2015 Santa Fe is whether to go for the seven-seat version, or the five. The bigger model is nine inches longer and extra huge inside.

Our first car of the month is the larger model and, quite frankly, I’ve no idea what to do with all that space! Even Malin the Vizsla looks tiny in the luggage compartment. He’s so far back we need an intercom to communicate.

And what about the styling of this new 2015 model? Well, it’s pretty good. Not quite a Range Rover Sport but sleek, stylish and inoffensive. Unlike a Porsche Cayenne, people will actually let you out of a junction in this car.

It’s the same inside. This Premium model is packed with equipment – equally as good as SUVs costing £30,000 more. In fact, it probably has more.

So, if you can live with the badge – and why not? – the Santa Fe could be the bargain of the century for those looking for the ultimate all-rounder. Join us over the next seven days to find out if that’s true….

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