When less is more for driving enthusiasts… those gadgets and gizmos you don’t need


So I spent some of this afternoon looking at a Porsche 993 Targa. The last of the air cooled 911s have shot up in value and I like the idea of driving one again – 19 years after the launch in Austria.

What amazed me was how basic the 911 was back then. And equally, how delightful. No alarms, no warning lights, no stress – just get in, shut the door with a hefty clunk and off you go.

Of course, you can’t say that about the Santa Fe – or many other modern cars. You only have to fart and the dashboard lights up with warning signs. Depressing.

I know safety is our prime concern these days but I think I actually drive better without all the modern gizmos and driving aids we have come to rely on. And the Santa Fe has more than its fair share…

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