More beeping nonsense from the Hyundai’s self-closing boot lid


When was the last time you opened the boot, forgot to move out of the way and got whacked in the face? Erm, probably never, right?

So why do I need a two beep warning that the boot is opening on my Hyundai Santa Fe? I mean, is it just me or do other people out there despair that we’ve got to a point in this over protective society where we need to be reminded that two seconds ago, we opened a slow moving boot lid?

And it’s the same when I stop the car – why do I need to be warned that the sunroof is still open – what’s the worst that could happen?

We had none of this type of nonsense in 1990s cars, who decided we need I now. Perhaps it’s time we all drove a stripped out Caterham 7 again and reminded ourselves what we actually need in a car – and what we don’t…

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