Remember the original 1960s Porsche Targa? The latest one’s just as cute


Don’t fancy the idea of a full, folding roof convertible but like the wind in your thinning hair? Porsche has the answer in the shapely form of the 911 Targa.

You can only buy it in the wide-bodied, four-wheel drive 911 bodyshell but the 2015 model looks more like the original, 1965 original Targa than any version inbetween.

And whether the Targa is popular or not with Porsche purists, it’s the car I’ve always wanted to own. When I went on the launch of the 993 version in the mid-90s, the feel-good factor in the Alps of Austria was sensational.

The problem with this latest version really comes down to the price. Most people either want a coupe or convertible 911. Are there enough buyers for a Targa?

Well, I hope so because 24 hours in, I’m loving it. It starts with that retro styling and just keeps me smiling mile after mile. More tomorrow, when I can get out of the driver’s seat long enough to write…

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