Shake, roll bar and the slightest rattle. The Porsche 911 Targa falls just short of perfection


I’ve always wanted a Targa – ever since the 993 model launch almost 20 years ago in Austria.

The sliding glass roof on that car was brilliant but it was plagued with issues. The complicated, electric mechanism that opened the panel had issues, which often caused rattles and leaks.

I recently went to view a 1996 Targa that had been lovingly cared for at huge expense. The roof alone had been overhauled by a Porsche main dealer twice to the tune of £8,000. Yep, it still rattled.

And the latest 991 Targa still rattles too! Despite a completely different roof mechanism that has been styled on the original 60s Targa, I was amazed to hear something squeaking in the roof.

Maybe you just have to accept that kind of stuff in an open top car? Me, well, if I as paying £90k for a Targa, I’d be straight on the phone to customer services at Porsche…

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