The birds and bees of owning a Porsche 911 Targa


This is getting silly. First I think there’s a bee lodged in the front mechanism of my folding-roof 991 Targa. Now I’m baffled by what sounds sounds like a bird stuck in the back.

It’s so intrusive with the top stowed that yesterday I had to pull over and check there wasn’t a feathered thing wedged in an air intake.  So now I have a bee with the roof in place – and a bird when it’s lowered. Brilliant Porsche!

I’ve spent the last two months trying to find a grey 997 Targa to buy and none of the secondhand cars I’ve driven rattle. So what has happened with this £90k new version – do I just have what was commonly known as a ‘Monday morning car’ as my test vehicle?

I’d expect rattles from an Aston Martin – it’s British and you just have to live with it. But a Porsche 911? Well, seems mighty odd to me. We have a Morgan Plus 8 coming later this week. I wonder if it will get the shakes so bad?


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