The Audi R8 is a supercar you can live with everyday, only rivalled by the Porsche 911


The R8 leaves Car Couture today – just in time for me to start listening to day 2 of the Ashes on our new Golf R’s DAB radio! Because the Audi doesn’t have digital, I’m more than a little delighted to see the VW arrive.

Don’t go thinking I won’t miss the R8 because I will. The S-tronic DSG gearbox is absolutely brilliant, whether you are howling the V8 down the A303, or pootling along the Kings Road. The flappy paddle system works so smooth you will long to use it at every opportunity.

There’s a new R8 out in August and that will no doubt address the rather dated cabin. Somehow, the R8 doesn’t feel like a supercar when it shares so many bits with lesser Audis.

It’s beautifully built, looks suitably expensive and is backed up by a highly regarded Audi dealership network. The R8 then, is a supercar you really can live with everyday – only rivalled by the Porsche 911.

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