Space, the final frontier – in an Audi R8


It’s quite easy to shut your eyes (not when you’re driving, of course) inside the R8 and believe you are steering an Audi TT. Petrolheads will note there are many similarities between the two.

The R8’s steering wheel and dashboard are swathed in buttons and dials you will find in many a lesser Audi. No bad thing but just remember this is a £110k supercar. Wouldn’t you expect more?

I’ve already revealed the ‘issues’ with the infotainment system but the lack of cubbyholes and storage is starting to bug the hell out of me. My iPhone 5s disappears sideways when I slot it in the centre cup holder. There’s nowhere to store it safely.

Practicality is the R8’s Achilles heel and comparing in with the popular TT only highlights the issue more. There’s no back seats and the luggage space is somewhat lacking.

The search for the perfect convertible goes on…

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