My white Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian lights up like a fridge at night thanks to fluorescent blue interior mood lights

1048941_--Æ Max Earey 250

I think it’s meant to look cool but when I blip the keyfob of the L200 Barbarian at night time, the interior lights up fluorescent blue. Now my white, rufty-tufty four-wheel drive looks a fridge with the door open.

It’s called mood lighting in modern automotive speak and it’s probably one of those features we don’t really need in a car. It goes hand in hand with acoustic exhaust systems that recreate the sound of the exhaust using the hi-fi system.

I used to think the same about heated steering wheels but have now succumbed to their charms. You will never have to wear string-backed driving gloves again.

But the crazy blue interior lighting in the L200? Well, I think it’s one step too far for a pick-up truck, however bling it wants to be…

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