Sam Warburton versus the Barbarian? Not quite, he drives a Range Rover

1048904_--Æ Max Earey 237

I’m just back from Cardiff where I have been interviewing Welsh rugby captain, Sam Warburton. Appropriately, he got his first captaincy for Wales against the Barbarians in 2011.

I can’t really see Sam in L200 Barbarian – he actually drives a Range Rover Sport. However, like the big fella, the Mitsubishi is virtually unstoppable in the muddy rough stuff.

I had a brief chance to take it off-road yesterday too and the L200 really comes into its own. It may wallow and lean on the tarmac but in the dirt it’s quite sensational. I’ll hose the mud off the bling before it goes back.

Today’s only complaint is that the whole passenger seats vibrates when the L200 goes over rough ground. Not what you’d expect from a £25k vehicle…

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