Mitsubishi’s L200 is its best pick-up yet – but do you need the bling of the Barbarian?

1046746_--Æ Max Earey - Mitsubishi L200 219

Last day with the L200. This latest model is the fifth incarnation and, as you might expect, it’s far and away the best. The interior may feel a little dated but the new common-rail turbodiesel is a huge step forward in terms of refinement.

Despite a sound thrashing over the last seven days, the Mitsubishi is still returning around 36mpg too  – it’s capable of 43mpg. And if anything goes wrong, the Barbarian comes with a five-year/62,000-mile warranty.

Main gripes include the rather naff styling, which is bordering on OTT, while the L200 still leans into corners if at any time you forget that it’s essentially a working machine and not a five-seat people-mover. It’s a bit of a bone-shaker over rough surfaces too.

To sum up, if you need a proper workhorse for your lifestyle or business AND need a comfortable cabin for the family afterwards, the L200 is a great alternative to more expensive SUVs.

You might question whether you need the bling of the Barbarian though…

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