Lots of puddles? The Mitsubishi Barbarian takes no prisoners…

1049128_--Æ Max Earey 292

It was so damn cold last night we had to light a fire. The rain fell heavily and a partially filled the load space at the back of the L200 double cab – making for a comical, if wet, exit from the farm this morning.

days like this remind me why people buy 4x4s. I should qualify that – people who live in the countryside. Sitting water that would terrify a sports car driver caused the Mitsubishi no problem at all.

And there’s no doubt the L200 has enough ground clearance. In fact, my only complaint would be that the side steps don’t actually stick out enough to give me feet enough purchase to get in.

OK, I may have big feet but try it and you’ll see what I mean…!

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